Marti Neahring is a 28-year veteran of Illinois public education. Her career began as a special education teacher at Jefferson Middle School in District 129, where she quickly found her passion for working with at-risk youth. She began her administrative tenure as the Dean of Students at Washington Middle School and then moved to Thompson Junior High in District 308 as the Assistant Principal. During her time as an assistant principal, Marti had an opportunity to work on developing the building’s school safety procedures. After establishing a strong relationship with the local police and fire departments, Marti applied for and was extended the offer to work as the Director of Student Services. In this role, she was able to work with establishing district wide school safety protocols. A few years later, Marti’s career continued back in District 129 where her passion for establishing positive school and community relationships and school safety planning continued. As the Executive Director for Student and Family Services, Marti now oversees multiple operational facets for the district including, student discipline, alternative school programming, attendance and truancy, student registration, school safety, and family reunification planning. She continues to pride herself in building strong relationships with local emergency management agencies to enhance safe and secure schools throughout the district. Marti also works collaboratively with surrounding public and parochial schools to create a common language for school safety protocols.

Marti currently serves as the board secretary for the Northern Illinois School Safety Administrator’s Association (NISSAA). She is also a member of the board for the Aurora Area Crime Stoppers and collaborates with Raptor Technologies as a member of their customer advisory board.