Dr. Nicole Spatafore, a seasoned educational administrator, possesses 25+ years of experience in the field with a comprehensive skill set that includes school safety and special education. She holds a degree in educational leadership with superintendent endorsement from Aurora University and has since held various positions, thereby refining her skills and gaining valuable experience. Dr. Spatafore is passionate about her profession and remains motivated to continue her career with the aim of making a positive impact in education, especially around coordinated school safety planning within the larger community. She has executed a multi-year strategic plan for School District Berkeley 87’s special services programs, which included creating new cross-categorical multi-needs level programming within the district and refining special education service pathways to align with grade level core standard curriculum and inclusion settings. Dr. Spatafore has been instrumental in developing, executing, and monitoring school safety emergency operation plans and threat assessment teams and procedures while maintaining effective communication and collaboration with the regional area network, board, administration, staff, and community. She has also served as the DCFS and McKinney Vento liaison, providing oversight to the process for enrollment, residency verification, and identification of students in need of special services. Furthermore, Dr. Spatafore has established and implemented procedures for behavior and discipline, including attendance and truancy procedures and interventions, de-escalation and restorative practices, mental health services, and SEL interventions, while coordinating and participating in MTSS / RTI. Her expertise also includes coordinating and executing professional development and training for the implementation of school safety emergency operation protocols and threat assessment. Additionally, she contributes with the implementation and compliance of IDEA, Early Childhood, Title, and ARP grants.